Who We Are

Since 2003 we’ve dedicated ourselves to helping companies grow

What began as a simple e-newsletter service for one vertical has evolved into a full-service marketing, communications and sales enablement agency offering the strategy, creative development, production, and sales process planning services clients need to grow their company.

Day after day we brainstorm, strategize, plan, create content, design, manage production, implement messaging programs, monitor response, and evaluate results. We also continually wrack our brains to make improvements and generate better results for our clients. In our experience, pushing products and services does not work. “Show, don’t tell” is a far more meaningful and effective marketing and sales messaging technique. So is being human while showing your best self.

Our tightly-knit team of strategists, content creators, designers, developers, and production specialists is curious by nature and loves learning about different industries, audiences, and business challenges. To ensure we understand each client’s world, we first slide into their shoes and saunter around their neighborhood (virtually when we are helping companies outside of the Chicago area) until we feel at home. The more we know, the better equipped we are to achieve clients’ goals.

We service clients from all areas of business life: financial services, technology, manufacturing, commercial real estate, consulting, promotional merchandise, retail, therapeutic services and more.

Meet Our Leader


Cathy Cain-Blank

Cathy has dedicated 20+ years to helping businesses grow market share by increasing the effectiveness of their marketing/communications. Her love of the written word stems from spending 10 summers at overnight camp, beginning at age six. Her camp friends lived in NY, NJ or CT, and Ma Bell was a costly way to keep in touch between September and June. Her parents gave her a box of stationery and a roll of stamps, so most afternoons she shoved her homework aside in favor of penning long letters to her fellow campers and counselor friends.

Over the years Cathy has enlightened countless business leaders and marketing directors on what constitutes effective email marketing and meaningful content. She is known for delivering seminars and webinars with strategies and ideas that can easily be implemented.

Cathy lives in the Chicago area with her husband Bob, and two overindulged canine companions, Belle and Frankie.

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