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Using A/B Testing to Create Email Marketing That Gets an A+

Your company is launching a new product and you know that an email marketing campaign is the best way to get the word out to customers and prospective customers. The team works hard discussing the requirements and goals of the campaign, perfecting the overall tone and message. You draft clear, powerful copy, add some eye-catching […]

Moving Beyond Vanity Metrics: The Next Level of Numbers That Matter

If you’re marketing your business on the web or via email, you’re likely paying attention to vanity metrics. These numbers let you know how many viewers opened your email, how many people clicked a link, the amount of traffic to the various pages of your website, and so on. Vanity metrics have been praised by […]

How to Properly Analyze and Measure Email Marketing Campaigns

You’re creating and curating great email content and you’re crafting attention-grabbing subject lines. When you hit send on that email marketing campaign, you think you’re on your way to success. But if you don’t know how to properly analyze and measure email marketing campaigns, you’ll never know for sure. So … how do you go […]