Sales Enablement Services

 Does Your Sales Team Have the Tools to Succeed?


If you’re frustrated by the current state of sales in your company, it’s likely that you are operating without a sales enablement strategy, process and tools – all of which is necessary to equip your sales team to provide a meaningful experience to potential customers.

Here are a few ways companies benefit from Sales Enablement:

  • On average, nearly 65% of sales reps’ time is spent on activities that don’t generate revenue. Anything you can do to help your sales team more effectively engage with prospects is a smart investment.
  • According to Kapost, 65% of sales reps struggle to access the right resources for their target audience. A properly developed sales enablement program will make it easy for salespeople to present the right information to their prospects.
  • If your team is able to operate more effectively and efficiently, they will experience a shorter selling cycle and lower customer acquisition cost.
  • HubSpot reports that companies with aligned sales and marketing teams grow much faster and generate more profits.

What You Need to Know About Sales Enablement

First, understand that a solid relationship between your sales team and marketing team is essential to the success of your Sales Enablement program. Your marketing team needs to understand what materials your sales team needs to sell, and your sales team needs to stop creating materials that don’t follow brand and compliance guidelines. Only then can everyone collaborate to map out the system and content that will help your sales team achieve their goals.

Here’s what Sales Enablement includes:

  • A customized, personalized approach with automated messages
  • Sales assets such as email campaigns, case studies, presentations, call scripts, pricing sheets and competitive intelligence documentation — organized and centralized for easy access
  • Live chat from your website to communicate with potential leads
  • Establishing a formal process to ensure your team is operating efficiently
  • Sharing best practices with your team
  • A CRM everyone uses and keeps up to date in order to track goals and pipeline activity
  • Proper education and training

Given the choices buyers have today, as a seller, you need to provide the level of knowledge they want in order to make a buying decision. This means your sales team needs to be prepared to deliver exactly what the potential buyer wants during each stage of the buying journey.

When you provide your sales team with a thorough understanding of what your company sells, along with the tools to help with the selling process, you will greatly increase the likelihood of more “wins” over time.

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