HubSpot Onboarding & Training Services

Get Ready to Grow!

Are you considering signing up for HubSpot Marketing Professional or HubSpot Sales Professional but concerned about the Onboarding process?

You probably know that if you sign up for either Hub directly from HubSpot, you are required to purchase HubSpot’s Onboarding Service or the equivalent service from a HubSpot Partner Agency like us.

There’s a huge difference, however, between HubSpot’s Onboarding Service and ours. Here are a few highlights. 

HubSpot’s Implementation Team is limited to telling you what to do.

They will guide new customers in a well-organized way, and tell you the set up steps you need to complete — from setting your colors and creating email signatures for users to setting up Workflows. That’s perfect if you have the internal resources to handle your own onboarding tasks and master the platform. If your company doesn’t have the staff (or stomach) to do this, you should team up with a HubSpot Partner Agency. 

We do the work for you.

Our Onboarding & Training Program includes technical set up, training, and more. Need custom properties in your CRM? Filters to easily monitor Sequence activity? Multiple pipelines? Development of a Buyer Persona? That’s all part of our process. In addition, we will discuss marketing and sales strategies to help you effectively and efficiently use HubSpot to pursue your growth goals.

No long-term contract.

We welcome companies that only want our HubSpot Onboarding and Training services. It feels good to empower companies to grow. Typically these programs take place over 2-3 months. If at the end you say, “We’ve had a great experience with you – how else can you help us?” we’ll be thrilled to have a conversation about ways we can enhance your marketing and sales activities going forward.