Email Marketing Audit

Need Better Results from Your Email Marketing Program?

Whatever your trade, audience or goals, if you manage your organization’s email program and it isn’t generating much of a response, don’t give up on the platform! Our Email Marketing Audit will identify problems and weaknesses with your program and propose solutions you can easily implement.

Here’s how the process works:

Step 1. You’ll provide samples of two recent email campaigns along with answers to questions about your company, industry, target audience and the typical metrics of your campaigns.

Step 2. We will evaluate your email campaigns based on industry best practices and our 15 years’ experience developing email campaigns. We will review components such as:

  • Email Settings
  • Subject Lines
  • Template Design (for mobile friendliness as well as recurring and non-recurring elements)
  • Content (copy, images, links, videos, calls-to-action)
  • Overall effectiveness

Step 3. We will prepare and provide you with a written Email Marketing Audit documenting strategies and tactics for improving your Open and Click-thru rates as well as increasing opportunities for interaction with your target audience.

Step 4. We will schedule a 30-minute phone consultation to review your Email Marketing Audit and address any questions you have about implementing our recommendations.

This service is designed for Do It Yourself Email Marketers. The cost of the Email Marketing Audit is $429.

Since 2002 we’ve specialized in email marketing. If your program isn’t generating the ROI you need, please contact us about the Email Marketing Audit or other ways we can help.