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Struggling to increase the effectiveness of your email program?

Automation. A/B testing. Click-through rate. Personalization. The CAN-SPAM Act. Hard bounce. All of these email marketing terms — and many more — have been part of our vernacular since 2003. Take advantage of our experience and expertise!

Lots of companies say they are email marketing experts…

True, but we’re the real McCoy. Our entrée into the field was with the development of a monthly “e-zine” for promotional products distributors, sponsored by a group of promotional products suppliers. That led to an e-newsletter service to help distributors, which led to opportunities to work with small and midsize companies in a mix of industries. We taught many businesses the merits of keeping in touch and sharing ideas with their target audiences.

Over the years we’ve explored different platforms and experimented with approaches and strategies in an effort to continually generate better outcomes for our clients. Today we’re recognized email marketing experts and serve SMBs across the U.S. and in Canada. Our clients include manufacturers, industrial companies, service providers, consultants, promotional products distributors, commercial and residential real estate firms, staffing agencies, healthcare companies and more. They consistently experience well-above-average campaign opens and clicks, positive feedback from customers and prospects, and ongoing opportunities to generate new business.

Learn more about effective email marketing in this short presentation.

Are there any limits to what you can do for us?

We’ve created every type of email imaginable: Welcome emails, E-newsletters, Product announcements, Special offers, Case studies, Event invitations, and Thank you emails (with and without surveys). We’re also fans of Email Automation; it saves companies countless hours and is a smart tactic for strengthening ties with your target audience. (If you aren’t familiar with all the ways you can use automation, we’ll fill you in.)

For every client we strategize, plan, create and/or curate compelling content, design mobile-friendly, responsive templates with custom graphics, manage the distribution process, and pay attention to all kinds of pesky details throughout the production process. (There are more than you might think.) As longtime clients will tell you — and feel free to ask us for references — you’ll love our ideas, speed, and overall responsiveness. We do everything possible to help our clients succeed as email marketers.

What about buying contact lists?

We know, we know: You wanted a ton of new customers yesterday. Buying a list of companies and sending “blast” emails is not an effective way to generate new business, however. Frankly, it’s a decision — and expense — you’ll regret. For starters, it won’t net the results you’re after (you dreamer you!). In addition, it’s against the law to email random people unless they have given you permission to enter their inbox. (If you aren’t familiar with the CAN-SPAM Act and/or the Canadian Anti-Spam Law (CASL), we’ll explain the law to you.)

Now what?

To learn more about effective email marketing, visit the Email Marketing section of our blog. You’ll find lots of tips, strategies and guidelines.

If you’re a Do It Yourself email marketer who needs to generate a better return on your investment, our Email Marketing Audit may be the right service for you.

If you’re interested in partnering with an email marketing specialist, we’d love to chat about your business, industry, budget and needs. We offer startup services with training as well as full service, ongoing programs.

And if you’d like to learn more about how to choose an email marketing company, download our ebook!

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