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Are You Generating Inquiries from your Email Campaigns?

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Lots of companies say they are email marketing experts…

True, but we’re the real McCoy. Our entrée into the field was with the development of a monthly “e-zine” for promotional products distributors, sponsored by a group of promotional products suppliers. That led to an e-newsletter service to help distributors, which led to opportunities to work with small and midsize companies in a mix of industries. We taught many businesses the merits of keeping in touch and sharing ideas with their target audiences.

Over the years we’ve explored different platforms and experimented with approaches and strategies in an effort to continually generate better outcomes for our clients. Today we’re recognized email marketing experts and serve SMBs across the U.S. and in Canada. Our clients include manufacturers, industrial companies, service providers, consultants, promotional products distributors, commercial and residential real estate firms, staffing agencies, healthcare companies and more. They consistently experience well-above-average campaign opens and clicks, positive feedback from customers and prospects, and ongoing opportunities to generate new business.

There’s Email Marketing, and there’s Do-it-Right Email Marketing.

Watch this 2-minute presentation. By the end, you’ll know the difference.

We’ve specialized in email marketing for small and midsize companies since 2003.

We recognize the importance of sharing meaningful, helpful content.

We know how to design templates so campaigns don’t wind up in spam filters.

Before you launch an email program – or commit to fixing the one you have – it’s essential to set realistic expectations. The quality of your products and services, your pricing, customer service, and contact list all play a big role in the success of your program.

You can count on us to thoroughly dig into your big picture to make sure we understand your goals and challenges and guide you in the right-for-your-company direction. You see, not to sound like we’ve gotten too big for our britches (seriously, we’re modest by nature), but we truly are email marketing experts.

Here’s How We Help.

We’ve created every type of custom HTML and template-based email imaginable: Welcome emails, e-newsletters, product announcements, special offers, case studies, event invitations, and thank you emails (with and without surveys). But there’s far more to email marketing success than the kind of email you send.


We'll start by talking about what you want to accomplish. More business from existing clients? More conversions from site visitors? Together we’ll map out specific, measurable, realistic goals.


Platform, format, frequency, automation, segmentation, list growth… we’ll prepare a roadmap for your success. It will include the best process for documenting and monitoring your program, too.

Create & Curate

Original content is ideal, but curated material that incorporates your company’s insights and ideas can be just as meaningful. We’ll figure out the right balance for your audience and budget.


Whether we create custom HTML- or template-based campaigns, we’ll match your brand’s identity and preferences. We’ll follow industry best practices, too, which will play a key role in your success.


Our project management software, production schedules, and editorial calendars are web-based for easy access and ongoing monitoring by our team. This ensures that we don’t miss deadlines.


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