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Connecting Blogging and Email Marketing

Email marketing is one important tool in your online customer communication arsenal. It’s also essential that you have a well-designed website that’s easy to navigate. Another must these days is a constant social media presence, as most companies have an employee or marketing partner that posts articles and news, and responds to queries and comments […]

Turbo Charge Your Email Marketing with these Best Practices

By Cathy Cain-Blank This is Part 2 of the “Do-it-Right Email Marketing” series, originally published on the Liquid Capital Corp. blog. (If you missed it, read Part 1 here.) Your email program has launched. Your first campaign enticed two old customers to reach out. Several current customers and colleagues sent you a note to say nice […]

Email Deliverability: How to Ensure People Actually Receive Your Messages

No matter how wonderful your email marketing campaign is, if your email deliverability rates are low, that means your contacts aren’t seeing your messages. Typically, this is because your company’s emails are being bounced directly into the spam or junk bin. A 2016 study conducted by EveryAction determined that across 55 organizations, 18.21 percent of […]

4 Steps to Launch Your Company’s New Email Marketing Program

By Cathy Cain-Blank This is Part 1 of the “Do-it-Right Email Marketing” series, originally published on the Liquid Capital Corp. blog. Do you have customers who might benefit from hearing from you more often? Inactive customers you’d love to try to re-engage? Prospects who ignore your phone calls? If so, it’s probably time to launch […]

How to Create an Engaging B2B Email Newsletter

Think about an average day in the life of your email inbox. Amidst all of the spam, advertisements for new products and services offered by businesses you’ve worked with in the past, invitations to workshops and conferences, as well as personal messages, how many of those emails do you open? What does it take to […]

What are Email Spam Words (and How Can You Avoid Them)?

No matter how much time, money, and creativity your organization puts into an email marketing campaign, it won’t amount to anything if a large number of your emails end up in your recipients’ spam folders. According to Constant Contact, the email open rate across all industries is 17.62 percent. (NOTE: If you follow best practices, […]

Want to Grow Your Revenue 49% Faster? Use Video

By Edie Clarke Two years ago I wrote a blog and created a video based on the prediction that in two years (which is now) 74% of all internet traffic would be videos. It was believed at the time that if you embed videos into your blogs you would receive 3 times as many inbound […]

Why You Should Be Re-purposing Your Email Marketing Content on LinkedIn

The quest to produce fresh, relevant, and interesting content for your business audience is — let’s face it — never-ending. Over time, it can become challenging and you can begin running short on ideas. Re-purposing your content between your emails, blogs, and social media accounts will make life easier and extend your reach. One platform […]

Hire In-House or Outsource: Who Should Handle Your Email Marketing?

When deciding how your business will handle email marketing, you’re presented with three choices: have one of your current employees take up the challenge, hire someone new to fill the role, or contract with an outside firm. While each option has its advantages and disadvantages, there are many reasons why hiring outside experts is often the […]

Why Your E-mail Marketing Should Include Curated Content

Email marketing is a tool that enables your business to reach out to current customers that have yet to explore some of the products and services you offer. To be effective, email content needs to generate clicks, create conversions, and keep your audience interested. Sharing interesting, helpful, informational, original content should be the backbone of […]